We help ensure education and services plans address the unique needs of Individuals with Disabilities and the elderly.

What Is a Special Education Advocate?

Special education advocates stay current on State and Federal legislation and provide support, direction, encouragement and comfort for families.  New Hope Advocacy has been advocating for, and working with, parents, students and adults with disabilities for over 30 years.  We are people with a true passion for the special needs population. We will work together with you and the school district to secure the best possible appropriate education for your child.



What is a Professional Disabilities Advocate?

A Professional Disabilities Advocate works with the individual, family members, case manager. and/or adult agency to ensure the Individual Service Plan (ISP/ILP) is written to meet the unique needs of the individual.  This includes all areas such as vocational training, post-secondary education, employment, independent living, social activities/recreation, transportation, AND MORE.   If you have questions, call for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Children Deserve Appropriate Education

 If your child seems to be struggling with coursework, staying focused, or getting organized, there may be an underlying disability present.  If you would like to learn more about your child's educational rights and options that may help, CALL US NOW!